Cycling Routes in Basilicata

your cycling Routes in Basilicata

the most famous trails and cycle tourism itineraries in Tuscany develop mainly on dirt or dirt roads, away from traffic. Explore Tuscany on its most secret roads.

Cycling Routes in Basilicata: find the perfect bike trip for your cycling vacation in Basilicata.

The typical dirt road in Basilicata is the “tratturo” that is a road used by shepherds to move the flocks. This type of road is usually with a bottom of earth and stones or dirt. The provincial roads, on the other hand, are usually not very busy and wind along the sides of the mountains, with picturesque views, between one village and another. In general, the Basilica is a region where cycle tourism is challenging as cycling routes often have many climbs. However, the Region is working on the construction of cycle paths to satisfy the wishes of all types of cyclists.

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Cycling routes in Basilicata
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