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In this section you will find the most famous cycle paths and trails for your Italy Bike Tour with markers for bike hotels, bike rentals and points of interest not to be missed. Plan your next cycling holiday in Italy with a tested gpx track from Italy Bike Tours.

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do you want to rent a gravel bike, a mountain bike or a racing bike for your cycling holidays in Italy? Or do you prefer an e-bike? Here you can find the best bike rental agencies along the most famous cycling routes tested and approved by Italy Bike Tours biking team.

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Do you want to spend your holidays by bike in Italy but you don’t know where to go? Here you will find all the best proposals for your cycling holidays in Italy and guided bike tours in all the main Italian cities.

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Are you cycling in Italy but something went wrong with your bicycle? Or do you need some cycling accessories and spare parts? Here you will find the map with the best shops and workshops to repair your bicycle.

Abruzzo Bike Tour

italy bike tour - abruzzo bike tour

In recent years Abruzzo has been a true superstar of cycling tourism in Italy. The Adriatic Cycle Route has certainly made an important contribution to a territory that is trying to establish itself in the cycle tourism market as one of the most important destinations and has every reason for it given the beauty of its territory.

Apulia Bike Tour

italy bike tour - apulia bike tour

Apulia is the perfect region for an unforgettable cycling holiday. Millennial olive groves, beaches of white and fine sand, the villages of ancient trulli and a friendly and welcoming people. Apulia is a region that is becoming more and more famous in the Italian cycling panorama. In particular, the Apulian Aqueduct Cycle Route and the Materan Way are enjoying great success.

Basilicata Bike Tour

italy bike tour - basilicata bike tour

When we talk about adventure cycle tourism, we cannot fail to mention Basilicata: the Pollino Park for road cyclists, the paths and tratturi for mountain bikers and the stones of Matera for cultural cycling. Basilicata by bike is a mustun essential step for those who love cycling in Italy.

Calabria Bike Tour

italy bike tour - calabria bike tour

Forests, history, traditions, sea and culture. The cyclist in Calabria can enjoy a very heterogeneous territory, sometimes harsh, sometimes incomprehensible but always fascinating. Some of the cycle paths and trails that are being built in this area will be very famous in the coming years.

Campania Bike Tour

italy bike tour - campania bike tour

Cycle tourism in Campania is not just Naples. There is also Benevento, with its ancient Roman remains, Caserta with the Regia, Irpinia which alternates splendid forests with the scars of the earthquake, the Amalfi Coast, famous throughout the world. All destinations crossed by the Gran Giro della Campania by bike.

Emilia Romagna Bike Tour

italy bike tour - emilia romagna bike tour

In the plains or in the Apennines. On dirt or asphalt, Emilia Romagna always satisfies all cyclists, from the most demanding to the most relaxed, by mountain bike or with a more comfortable touring bicycle. Its territory is home to some of the most famous cities, the long plains and medieval villages do the rest.

Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Bike Tour

italy bike tour - friuli venezia giulia bike tour

Stages of the Giro d’Italia to retrace by racing bike, mountain bike trails that descend from the mountains to the sea, the Alpe Adria cycle path, and a network of cycle paths for relaxing walks with the family. Friuli Venezia Giulia is one of the most interesting regions for cycling tourism in Italy.

Lazio Bike Tour

italy bike tour - lazio bike tour

Lazio tells one of the oldest stories in all of Italy. Rome, the eternal city, the Roman hills, the dunes on the coasts, the volcanic lakes, the Etruscan cuts, the medieval villages immersed in the rows of vineyards. Lazio is not only Rome, in fact there is an extraordinary territory to be discovered by racing bike, gravel bike, mountain bike or on a comfortable touring bike.

Liguria Bike Tour

italy bike tour - liguria bike tour

Liguria is one of the most demanding regions for cycle tourism but due to its rugged conformation it is perfect for sport cycle tourism. Mountain bikers can ride on extreme elevations looking at the sea on the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri while road riders can travel the route of the Grand Tour of Liguria by bike

Lombardia Bike Tour

italy bike tour - lombardy bike tour

Lombardy is one of the real discoveries of cycle tourism in recent years, also thanks to a very heterogeneous territory. From the Alps to the Po Valley, you pass from small villages nestled on the banks of lakes and rivers where time seems to have stopped, up to the very modern Milan, one of the most important European capitals.

Marche Bike Tour

italy bike tour - marche bike tour

The Marche is certainly one of the novelties of recent years in terms of cycle tourism also thanks to an intense cycle tourism marketing activity in the Region. The Sibillini mountains, Ancona, Fermo, Ascoli, will satisfy the hunger for cycle tourism and mountain bike adventures with breathtaking views and unforgettable cycling routes.

Molise Bike Tour

italy bike tour - molise bike tour

With a joking tone, it is said that “Molise does not exist” and in fact this is the most mysterious region of Italy and therefore full of charm, with an overbearing nature, rugged mountains overlooking the Tremiti Islands. Wheat fields, olive groves, vineyards, woods, farms, castles and small medieval villages.

Piedmont Bike Tour

italy bike tour - piedmont bike tour

Piedmont can be explored by bike both by the most trained bikers and by Sunday bikes looking for just a little relaxation. This is above all thanks to the intense work of mapping the territory and promoting cycle tourism by the Region and the many small local authorities who love their territory and all it has to offer.

Sardinia Bike Tour

italy bike tour - sardinia bike tour

Sardinia by bike is wild beauty, deserted beaches, abandoned mines and roads with little traffic that design itineraries suitable for any type of cyclist, from the relaxed cyclist to the most demanding road cyclist passing by the mountain biker who can have fun like a child on the rides in the rugged hills. of internal areas.

Sicily Bike Tour

italy bike tour - sicily bike tour

Sicily is a mini-continent to be explored by bicycle. 1000 km of coast of the Periplus of Sicily itinerary by bike (for touring bikes and gravel bikes) or the inland areas full of history with mountains perfect for a racing bike training, dirt roads and trazzere for a gravel trip such as the permanent Sicily Divide itinerary. For mountain bikers there is Etna, the largest active volcano in Europe.

Tuscany Bike Tour

italy bike tour - tuscany bike tour

Tuscany is one of the symbolic regions of cycling tourism in Italy. With the racing bike on the coasts of Tyrrhenian Tuscany or with the gravel bike on the white roads of Chianti and Valdarno. Today as in the past, exploring Tuscany by bicycle is always an unforgettable experience in all seasons.

Trentino Bike Tour

italy bike tour - trentino bike tour

Probably the region that most of all represents cycle tourism in Italy, both for sportsmen and for families. Trentino is a region with a high cycling vocation and for this reason it has a dense network of cycle paths and bike hotels which can be a valid support especially for mountain-bikers and travel bike cyclists.

Umbria Bike Tour

italy bike tour - umbria bike tour

From the ancient pilgrimage routes, such as the Via di Francesco by bike, to the Gran Giro dell’Umbria by bike, this region, which is in fact the green lung of Italy, has a strong cycling vocation aided by a wild and absolutely pristine. Its accentuated orography makes it particularly suitable for sport cycling both on road and mountain bike. One of the main innovations for cycle tourism in Italy.

Valle d'Aosta Bike Tour

italy bike tour - valle d'aosta bike tour

Valleys, cheeses, mountain pastures, small refuges where hospitality is a passion, not just a job. Valle d’Aosta is the mecca of adventure cycle tourists, especially mountain bikers who in Valle d’Aosta can feel like children in a playground, between mountain trails and well-organized and well-maintained paths.

Veneto Bike Tour

italy bike tour - piedmont bike tour

Veneto may not be the first Italian cycling destination but it is growing rapidly. The long cycle paths that have been created in recent years have given an important impetus to cycle tourism. long coasts, the Adige, the Dolomites, the Po Delta … Veneto always has something to amaze cyclists who will accept the challenge of exploring its territory by bicycle.

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