Bike Rental in Italy

accommodation for cyclists in Italy

Let our partner arrange your road bike, mountain bike, trekking bike or gravel bike rental before you leave to Italy. We offer bike rentals in every bike friendly destinations in Italy.

Bike Rental in Italy: find the best bike hire in Italy.

First of all, airlines charge large amounts for transporting bicycles. Secondly, a frequent occurrence is that bicycles are severely damaged during transport and this means the end of the cycling holiday. You can rent a bike and organize the trip in total autonomy, you can buy a Bike Adventure Pack together with the bike rental or a complete package for a bike holiday that also includes bike rental.

Abruzzo Bike Rental

bike rental in Italy - Abruzzo

Abruzzo is a region with a large portion of the territory occupied by mountains, therefore, the most rented bicycle is certainly the mountain bike.

Apulia Bike Rental

Bike rental in Italy - Apulia

Puglia is famous for its beaches but also reserves many surprises in inland areas. Rent a gravel or a trek and explore all its secret corners.

Basilicata Bike Rental

Bike rental in Italy - Basilicata

basilicata has a very harsh territory. Therefore, rent a mountain bike or a gravel bike and challenge its epic elevations.

Calabria Bike Rental

bike rental italy - calabria

Calabria develops mainly on mountain ranges but has a large network of roads. Rent a bike of any type but with a good transmission.

Campania Bike Rental

Bike rental in Italy - Campania

Campania has a long story to tell both along its coasts and in inland areas. Rent a bike and ride along 3000 years of history, culture and traditions.

Emilia Romagna Bike Rental

Bike rental in italy - Emilia Romagna

Emilia Romagna has many bike rental agencies as it is one of the most famous cycling destinations in Italy. Explore it on a gravel or mountain bike.

Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Bike Rental

Bike Rental in Italy - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli Venezia Giulia has some of the most famous cycle routes in Italy. A normal travel bike, a trekking bike or a gravel bike is enough to explore them.

Lazio Bike Rental

Bike rental in Italy - Lazio

Lazio is home to some very famous pilgrim routes and cycle routes so it is a perfect destination to rent a bike and enjoy a relaxing cycling holiday.

Liguria Bike Rental

Bike Rental in Italy - Liguria

Liguria is perfect both for long and fast training with a racing bike and for exploring the trails with a mountain bike.

Lombardia Bike Rental

Bike Rental in Italy - Lombardy

Lombardy is a region with many cycle paths and therefore also many bike rental agencies. You can find any type of bicycle for your cycling holidays.

Marche Bike Rental

Bike Rental in Italy - Marche

The Marches have a very varied and interesting territory for cycle tourism but few bike rental agencies, mainly concentrated in the cities.

Molise Bike Rental

Bike rental in Italy - Molise

Molise is a mysterious and fascinating region, perfect for cycling but renting a bike is not easy as there are few agencies that do it. We can help you.

Piedmont Bike Rental

Bike Rental in Italy - Piedmont

Piedmont is the home of adventure cycle tourism, especially mountain biking. Rent a mountain bike and explore the most pristine and fascinating corners of its forests.

Sardinia Bike Rental

Bike Rental in Italy - Sardinia

Sardinia has many interesting itineraries, both on the coast and inland. Depending on the itinerary you choose, we can recommend the best bike to rent.

Sicily Bike Rental

Bike Rental in Italy - Sicily

Sicily will never cease to amaze cyclists with its beauties, its history and ancient popular traditions. Rent a bike in Sicily and discover all its secrets.

Tuscany Bike Rental

Bike rental in Italy - Tuscany

Tuscany has a wide choice of cycling itineraries that can be traveled with different types of bikes. Choose the most suitable and leave for an unforgettable cycling holiday.

Trentino Bike Rental

bike rental in italy - trentino

Trentino has a very heterogeneous cycling offer that ranges from mountain bike trails to quiet cycle paths to be covered with any type of rental bike.

Umbria Bike Rental

bike rental in Italy - Umbria

Umbria is the emerging superstar of cycle tourism in Italy. Its dense and fascinating nature is unique. Rent a bike and live an unforgettable cycling vacation.

Valle d'Aosta Bike Rental

Bike rental in italy - valle d'aosta

Valle d’Aosta is a mountain biker’s paradise with its infinite network of paths and dirt roads that can offer pure fun. Just rent the right mountain bike and only from professionals.

Veneto Bike Rental

bike rental in italy - veneto

Veneto is a famus cycling tourism destination so there are many bike rentals on the territory, therefore, it is not difficult to find a rental bike for your bike trip.

why put your bike in danger? better to contact a bike rental in Italy

transporting a bicycle on a plane or train is complicated, stressful and even dangerous as it puts the integrity of your bicycle at risk. The most frequent damage is the breakage of the rear derailleur dropout or even injuries to the frame. The best solution remains to contact a professional bike rental that can provide you with the best rental bikes available.

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