Sicily Bike Tour

your cycling vacation in Sicily

Sicily is a perfect place for an unforgettable bike tour. 1300 kilometers of coastline, perfect for those who want to pedal with a few climbs, very mountainous inland areas and the Etna volcano, a paradise for those who love cycling challenges.

Sicily bike tour: tracks, routes, bike hotels and more

if you have decided to cycle in Sicily, you must know that you can choose between 1300 km of coasts on flat roads with little traffic and cycling routes in the interior that develop very uphill, on dirt and very winding roads. In the first case you will have the most relaxing cycling holiday in Sicily of your life, in the second case you will have to challenge yourself and Mount Etna, the highest volcano in Europe. Are you ready for the challenge?

Cycling Routes in Sicily, Find your trail

Sicily has many structured itineraries with downloadable GPX signs and tracks. In this section you will find the most interesting ones and which have the best cycling services. The ideal is a gravel bike or a mountain bike but there are also some routes for racing bikes and touring bikes.

Bike hotels in Sicily

our network of bike hotels is able to provide you with the best bike friendly facilities at the best prices. Choose the bike hotel in Sicily closest to the cycling destination of your biking holidays.

Best bike rentals in Sicily

reaching Sicily by plane or train is a long journey, so why endanger your precious bicycle? Better to contact a bike rental in Sicily and choose the best gravel bike, mountain bike, racing bike or touring bike for you. 

The perfect cycling vacation in Sicily

Organizing a bike trip in Sicily can be very complex and making bad choices would ruin your cycling holiday in Sicily. Contact professionals who will be able to show you the best cycling itineraries and cycle tourism services. In addition, they will be able to assist you in case of problems.

Find a bike mechanic in Sicily

You have organized everything with millimeter precision for your cycling holiday in Sicily but ……. but that unexpected happens that ruins the whole trip and makes you nervous. Here you will find all the best bike mechanics in Sicily.

This is Adventure Good Weather Good Food  Good Wine Sicily!