Apulia Bike Tour

your cycling vacation in Apulia

Puglia is one of the most loved regions of Italy and also one of the best for traveling by bicycle. Its boundless plains and long beaches are the perfect setting for a cycling holiday in southern Italy.

Apulia bike tour: tracks, routes, bike hotels and more

Cycling in Apulia offers deep and lasting emotions. Its millenary history as a gateway to the East has shaped it to its core. Its cuisine, dialect, architecture, customs tell of courageous travelers who have faced epic journeys to transport precious goods from the Far East to the heart of Europe. Carpets, spices and exotic animals that once filled the markets of the most famous cities of the Old Continent. An Apulia bike tour an experience to do at least once in a lifetime.

Cycling Routes in Apulila, Find your trail

The cycling routes in Apulia are mostly straight and with few climbs as the region has a large plain but there are also some beautiful mountains overlooking the sea, ideal for those who love cycling with a view.

Bike hotels in Apulia

The bike hotels in Apulia are spread throughout the territory and have an ancient tradition of welcoming travelers on foot, by car or by bike.

Best bike rentals in Apulia

In Apulia there are several bike rental agencies that can deliver and collect your bike anywhere in the region, so don’t risk damaging your bike during transport and hire a bike in Apulia.

The perfect cycling vacation in Apulia

Apulia is the perfect region for a cycling holiday. You can choose between sea, hills and mountains, that is, pedaling on long white roads a few steps from beaches with crystal clear sea or roads that wind sinuously among the fields of centuries-old olive trees.

Find a bike mechanic in Apulia

your Apulia bike tour could go smoothly but if you have any mechanical failure on your bike, you may need a good bike mechanic to fix the problem. Here are the best bike mechanics in Apulia.

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