Bike Hotels in Umbria

your cycling vacation in Umbria

if you have decided to plan your next holiday in Umbria and are looking for the best accommodation for cyclists, here you will find a list of the best bike hotels in Umbria with a precise description and contacts.

Bike Hotels in Umbria: find the best bike friendly accommodation

The bike trip does not begin with the first ride but with the planning of the trip. You have to organize the track, choose the right bike, the places to visit and, of course, also the bike friendly accommodations. Here you will find a list of bike hotels in Umbria for your next bike trip.

Bike hotel in Città di Castello, Umbria. Ge. Al. hotel

a family-run, bike-friendly accommodation facility with large outdoor spaces and a special garage for bicycles. If you are not looking for luxury but a Spartan bike hotel with a moderate price this is the place for you. This bike hotel is located along the route of the Via di Francesco by bike.

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