Umbria bike tour

your cycling vacation in Umbria

A thousand-year history, ancient pilgrimage routes and a wild and unspoiled nature. A bike tour in Umbria is the best way to explore all these things at the right pace and with the right mood.

Umbria bike tour: tracks, routes, bike hotels and more

Umbria is a mysterious and evocative region with ancient villages with millenary traditions. In recent years, efforts have been made to develop a cycle tourism system with some pilgrim routes with signs and affiliated bike hotels that allow for low prices.

Cycling Routes in Umbria, Find your trail

Umbria has a very varied landscape, therefore, you can choose whether to take a long ride with a racing bike and climb one of the many mountains, do some XC with your mountain bike or pedal with your gravel on one of the many white or slightly dirt roads.

Bike hotels in Umbria

we have created a network of bike hotels in Umbria that have chosen to welcome cyclists and their bicycles, offering specific services for cyclists such as safe storage for bicycles, clothesline, abundant and caloric breakfast, tools for bike maintenance and recharge for e-bikes. In short, everything you need for your Umbria Bike Tour.

Best bike rentals in Umbria

Cycle tourism in Umbria has only developed in recent years, therefore, there are not many bike rentals in the area. However, those present are well supplied and professionally attentive to the needs of the cyclist. Our bike rental network offers you gravel bike, mountain bike, racing bike and travel bike rental with all the accessories you need for your Umbria Bike Tour.

The perfect cycling vacation in Umbria

If you want to explore Umbria and not miss a secret corner that you can only reach by bike, we recommend one of our tours organized only by local professional partners. Some tour operators specializing in cycle tourism advertise their tours emphasizing that they do not subcontract to other local tour operators. We, on the other hand, have chosen the best local cycling tour operators because we think that only a local can know the territory enough to show it to others and not neglect even an iota of beauty.

Find a bike mechanic in Umbria

During a bike trip, beautiful things can happen but also some small mechanical unforeseen that can ruin the holiday if not resolved in time. We have selected the best bike mechanics in Umbria along the most famous itineraries in order to allow you to repair your bicycle.

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