Basilicata Bike Tour

your cycling vacation in Basilicata

Basilicata is one of the wildest and most unspoiled regions of Italy. Its forests and beaches are covered with lush vegetation. Whether you choose a gravel bike, a racing bike or a mountain bike, get ready for an unforgettable Basilicata bike tour.

Basilicata bike tour: tracks, routes, bike hotels and more

Basilicata is one of the least anthropized regions of Italy. This has allowed its wild and mysterious aspect to be preserved which makes every bike adventure always extraordinary and exciting. The gravel bike routes are adventurous and scenic, its racing bike routes have a continuous ups and downs to make the Giro d’Italia pale, the mountain bike trails are tough and fun and the cycle paths are perfect for a holiday in adventurous bike. What are you waiting for to organize your next bike trip in Basilicata?

Cycling Routes in Basilicata, Find your trail

cycling routes in Basilicata are quite challenging due to its orography and the conformation of the territory. Its cycle paths, in fact, are among the most demanding in Italy but are also among the most spectacular. In particular, the Basilicata Coast to Coast itinerary is very famous, which runs along the secondary roads of the interior of the Adriatic Sea to the Ionian Sea.

Bike hotels in Basilicata

the bike friendly accommodation facilities in Basilicata are certainly not among the most famous in Italy and they are not numerous either. Those that exist, however, take great care of the cyclist and the cyclist.

Best bike rentals in Basilicata

transporting your bike by plane in Italy can cause damage and breakdowns that can ruin your cycling holiday. We suggest you to rent a bike from a bike rental in Basilicata. In this way you will avoid damage to the bike and above all you can spend your bike holiday in Basilicata without worries as you will have a bike rental agency that can assist you in case of breakdowns.

The perfect cycling vacation in Basilicata

what is the perfect cycling holiday in Basilicata? Maybe you prefer a ride on a racing bike or maybe a mountain bike or gravel bike adventure. In both cases, the tour operators in Basilicata offer complete cycling packages for your Basilicata Bike Tour.

Find a bike mechanic in Basilicata

your Basilicata bike tour could go smoothly but if you have any mechanical failure on your bike, you may need a good bike mechanic to fix the problem. Here are the best bike mechanics in Basilicata.

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