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Basilicata has preserved a large part of its territory. Its forests and coasts are still wild and fascinating, so this region is the perfect destination for your cycling holidays. What are you waiting for? Organize your cycling holiday in Basilicata and discover the beauty of its territory.

Cycling Holidays in Basilicata: find the perfect bike trip for your cycling vacation in Basilicata.

Dense and mysterious woods where the Carbonari took refuge for months during the production of coal, very long sheep tracks, golden beaches bathed by a crystalline sea in which ancient and tormented mountains are reflected. Basilicata is a region that has maintained all its fascination and mystery over the centuries. A cycling holiday in Basilicata will allow you to discover all the hidden corners of one of the most beautiful regions of Italy where there are still very strong traditions respected by the locals. Discover the tour packages and adventure packs that you can buy to experience an unforgettable bike adventure in Basilicata.

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