Bike Hotels in Abruzzo

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Abruzzo is a region with an ancient tradition of hospitality, in fact, its accommodation facilities are appreciated by all Italian and foreign cyclists.

Bike Hotels in Abruzzo: find the best bike friendly accommodation.

you are comfortably seated at your desk and you are planning your cycling holiday in Abruzzo. The track is ready, the bike is booked at a bike rental in Abruzzo, the equipment is ready, you know exactly what to see but do you know where to sleep? Are you sure the hotels you have chosen accept bicycles and have a safe place to store them overnight? Here are some of the best bike hotels in Abruzzo, the ones where we sleep during our cycling adventures in Abruzzo. Some accommodations have only a safe deposit for bikes, others are more bike friendly and offer other cycling services such as a small bike workshop, are close to a bike shop in Abruzzo or have the possibility to recharge electric bikes. But all are friends of cyclists and can’t wait to welcome you to make your bike trip in Abruzzo special.

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