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cycling in Abruzzo is easy, just point your finger at random on the map and you can’t go wrong. All the destinations you choose for a cycling holiday in Abruzzo are perfect and unforgettable.

Bike Mechanics in Abruzzo: find a shop or a bike repair during your cycling trip in Abruzzo.

Abruzzo is a perfect area for cycling holidays as it has a very varied conformation. The coast has long beaches with high quality cycle paths, while the inland areas are very mountainous and populated with small villages inhabited by shepherds and farmers. You can choose a bike route in Abruzzo that includes many climbs or choose a more peaceful cycling route such as the Adriatic Cycle Route which runs almost entirely along cycle paths. Whatever choice you make, you will not go wrong because Abruzzo by bike is beautiful everywhere. Obviously, you have to choose the right season. On this page you will find some very useful tips both on bike routes to go and on the seasons and tourist attractions not to be missed.

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Cycling holidays in Abruzzo

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