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The cycling routes in Abruzzo are very different between the coast and the inland areas. On the coast, in fact, there are long and beautiful cycle paths, on the mountains of the hinterland there are dirt roads made of earth and stone that require the use of a mountain bike.

Cycling Routes in Abruzzo: find the perfect bike trip for your cycling vacation in Abruzzo.

Abruzzo is one of the most popular cycling destinations in Italy as it has different types of bike routes depending on whether you want to travel on the coast or in inland areas. On the coast, characterized by long beaches of golden sand, there are beautiful well-kept cycle paths, suitable for any type of bicycle. In Abruzzo you can take a gravel bike trip, a mountain bike trip or a road bike trip, it’s up to you! You can decide whether to take a quiet and relaxing journey on smooth roads like oil or on dirt roads where you can experience an unforgettable adventure. From the top of the mountains you can see the sea and at the same time experience the magic of a moving Apennine landscape.

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Abruzzo biking tours - cycling routes in Abruzzo
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