Abruzzo bike tour

your cycling vacation in Abruzzo

Cycling in Abruzzo is an unforgettable experience. Long mountain gravel roads that run between pastures with a view of the Adriatic Sea. The small medieval villages are inhabited by friendly people and always kind towards cyclists.

Abruzzo bike tour: tracks, routes, bike hotels and more

Have you decided to go on a cycling trip in Abruzzo? In this section you can find all the information you need to plan your cycling holiday in Abruzzo. Find the best cycle routes, bike hotels, bike rental agencies and tour operators for your next biking trip in Abruzzo.

Cycling Routes in Abruzzo, Find your bike trail in Abruzzo

In this section you will find the most famous cycle paths and trails in Abruzzo. The cycling itineraries in Abruzzo are both on the coastal areas and in the inland areas so it is possible to choose between mountain bike trails on dirt tracks or quiet bike trips on the coastal cycle paths on the fascinating Abruzzo coasts dotted with beaches and “trabocchi”.

Bike hotels in Abruzzo

The bike hotels for cycle tourism in Abruzzo are well distributed on the territory, select the button above to view the map of all the bike hotels in Abruzzo or one of the icons below to see the bike hotels in a city and its surroundings.

Best bike rentals in Abruzzo

The bike rentals in Abruzzo are present, above all, in the cities. Some of them specialize in the rental of city bikes, others in the rental of mountain bikes, racing bikes, gravel bikes, e-bikes, sports bikes in general.

The perfect cycling vacation in Abruzzo

A list of cycling holidays in Abruzzo according to the level of organization, from trips planned in total autonomy, to “all-inclusive” cycling packages, passing through bike paths that always have a governance body that guarantees specific quality standards.

Find a bike mechanic in Abruzzo

During a bike trip, some small mechanical unexpected events can also happen which cannot always be solved independently so it is essential that you know the availability and location of a nearby bike mechanic.

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