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transporting the bicycle by train or plane is always risky. We have met many cyclists who have wasted time and money to repair bikes that were perfect before the start but arrived damaged at their destination. To avoid this type of problem, you can choose to rent a bike in Abruzzo.

Bike Rental in Abruzzo: find the perfect bike to hire and explore Abruzzo

Abruzzo has a very famous coast with many seaside areas and medium-sized cities. In these locations it is not difficult to find bike rentals or shops that rent bikes. On this page, therefore, we have included the best rental bikes in Abruzzo so that you can choose whether to travel by racing bike, mountain bike, e-bike, gravel bike or any other type of bike you prefer. There are many different bike routes in Abruzzo that you can explore with different types of bikes and different luggage setups, with panniers or with bikepacking.

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