Bike Hotels in Italy

accommodation for cyclists in Italy

Find here all the b&b’s and hotels for cyclists in Italy along the most famous destinations and routes for your cycling vacations.

Bike Hotels in Italy: find the best bike friendly accommodation

planning a cycling holiday in Italy is not difficult as every road leads to dream destinations. However, choosing an accommodation that is not suitable for cyclists’ needs can ruin the whole holiday. Choose a region on the map and discover the available bike hotels or select a region below.

Abruzzo Bike Hotels

Bike Hotels in Italy - Abruzzo

Abruzzo is a very wild region with unspoiled nature. Bike hotels are usually located outside the cities and are agritourisms or small b&bs that offer accommodation for cyclists.

Apulia Bike Hotels

Bike hotels in Italy - Apulia

the ace of the sleeve of Puglia are the coasts with the crystalline sea. Bike friendly accommodations are usually close to the most famous beaches or inland in agritourisms and small b&bs.

Basilicata Bike Hotels

Basilicata is a mysterious region unknown even to Italians. Its bike friendly accommodation facilities and bike hotels in Basilicata are usually in inland areas close to the main cycling attractions.

Calabria Bike Hotels

Bike Hotels in Italy - Calabria

Calabria is having a lot of success in the Italian cycling panorama. Bike friendly accommodation¬† and bike hotels are few but well distributed throughout the area and provide accommodation for cyclists on the most important cycle routes such as the “Ciclovia dei Parchi”.

Campania Bike Hotels

Bike Hotels in Italy - Campania

Campania is certainly not the most famous cycling destination in Italy. However, there are several accommodations along some cycling routes such as the Grand Cycling Tour of Campania. By clicking the button you can see the best bike hotels in Campania e prenotarli per la tua vacanza in bici.

Emilia Romagna Bike Hotels

Emilia Romanga is a region that has invested heavily in cycling and the proof is that there are many bike friendly facilities. The bike hotels in Emilia Romagna are located along the main cycling ways, adventure cycling routes such and Pilgim routes as the Via degli Dei. 

Friuli-Venezia-Giulia Bike Hotels

Bike Hotels in Italy - Friuli Venezia Giulia

Friuli venezia giulia is a region where there are many famous cycle paths, among which the Alpe Adria cycle route that goes up to Innsbruck in Austria stands out. The bike hotels in Friuli Venezia Giulia and the bike friendly structures are often close to the cycle paths or mountain trails.

Lazio Bike Hotels

Bike Hotels in Italy - Lazio

Lazio is the Italian region where the city of Rome is located. The Eternal City, the cradle of Roman civilization, is often at the center of long cycle paths such as the Francigena, the Via Romea and the Via degli Etruschi. The bike hotels in Lazio are located, above all, along these cycle paths.

Liguria Bike Hotels

Bike Hotels in Italy - Liguria

Liguria is a region where it is not easy to cycle as it is very mountainous and there are few quiet roads. However, several cycle paths are emerging such as the “grand cycling tour of Liguria” and some trails such as the Alta Via dei Monti Liguri. The bike hotels in Liguria are located near these routes.

Lombardia Bike Hotels

Lombardy has many cycling itineraries and there are many bike friendly accommodation facilities well distributed throughout the area. The bike hotels, in fact, are mainly found near these cycle paths or a short distance from the big cities.

Marche Bike Hotels

Bike Hotels in Italy - Marche

The Marche is a region suspended between the sea and the mountains. The bike hotels are equally distributed throughout the territory and allow you to travel along the most important cycle routes such as the “Ciclovia Adriatica”.

Molise Bike Hotels

Bike Hotels in Italy - Molise

Italians often say that “Molise does not exist” since it is one of the least known regions in Italy. However, it holds many surprises for cyclists and cycle tourists. The bike hotels in Molise are few but well distributed on the territory.

Piedmont Bike Hotels

Bike Hotels in Italy - Piedmont

Piedmont is one of the most famous regions for cycle tourism in Italy, especially for mountain bike cycling. The bike hotels, therefore, are mainly in the mountain areas and are often agritourisms or shelters.

Sardinia Bike Hotels

Bike Hotels in Italy - Sardinia

Sardinia is one of the most famous cycling destinations in Italy. The bike hotels in Sardinia, however, are few and not always well distributed throughout the territory, even if they are rapidly increasing.

Sicily Bike Hotels

Bike Hotels in Italy - Sicily

Sicily is one of the main cycling destinations in the Mediterranean. It has many cycle paths such as Sicily Divide and Grand Cycling Tour of Sicily with affiliated bike hotels that offer special prices for cycle tourists.

Tuscany Bike Hotels

Bike Hotels in Italy - Tuscany

Tuscany is the icon of cycling tourism in Italy. Along its many dirt roads and cycling routes there are many bike friendly accommodation facilities. In fact, many of the bike hotels in Tuscany are located along the Via di Francesco, the Via Romea and the Via Francigena.

Trentino Bike Hotels

Trentino is a very famous region for cycle tourism coming, above all, from the German-speaking areas of continental Europe. There are many bike hotels in Trentino and very well distributed on the territory. Some of these also offer bike rental and mechanical assistance on site.

Umbria Bike Hotels

Umbria is the green lung of Italy because it has many forests, woods and mountains. For this reason, this region is particularly devoted to adventure cycle tourism. In fact, many of the bike friendly accommodations and bike hotels in Umbria are located near these natural attractions.

Valle d'Aosta Bike Hotels

Valle d’Aosta is one of the paradises in Europe for mountain biking, in fact, most of the accommodation facilities and bike hotels in Valle d’Aosta are located in agritourisms and shelters outside the big cities.

Veneto Bike Hotels

Bike Hotels in Italy - Veneto

Veneto is an Italian region that is trying to encourage its cycling system, therefore, it has created a good network of cycle paths along which there are many bike hotels and bike friendly accommodation facilities.

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